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PhatNoise (pronounced fat-no-waz) is a hard-drive based digital audio player that connects to your car via a WiFi RF modulator. It is made by a company named PhatNoise and a guy named Vince. The origin of the name is not known. It probably sounded hella cool at the time, but in retrospect seems kinda dumb. Probably Dan's idea. The PhatNoise works in your car by hooking up to the headunit using the SSA protocol via a Blitzsafe adapter. You can speak to it to control it like a large CD changer, but with MP3s (see: VOIT). It sometimes plays Ogg Vorbis files, too.

Common Usage

  • I just got PhatNoise in my BMW
  • Why can't my PhatNoise play .au files?
  • i haxored|h4x0red my pHATnOISE

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