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This page attempts to list accomplishments and those responsible for them. If anything is incorrect or missing please update it or provide me feedback at sam@bingner.com

  • Terry
    • First to swap a non-PhatNoise drive into a DMS by modifying the drive serial / model string using a proprietary utility
  • spin
    • Discovered that plsign can be used to sign players, so we can run arbitrary code on the PhatBox
  • judb
    • Mapped out initial phatbox pinouts including jtag and serial interfaces
  • sbingner
    • Made first working serial cable connection using cell phone USB cable
    • Installed second drive into PhatBox and validated that it can be used to play music
  • bushing
    • First to disassemble all of the PhatBox utils and document how all of the pieces work together
    • Determined the location of the hard-drive signature check (the flashrom bootloader), disassembled it, and documented it
  • (step right up!)
    • First to write a player to play a new audio format on the phatbox
  • bushing / sbinger / RobM (aka rmini) / judb
    • Cracked the PB drive signature protection wide open and made the world a better place! :)
  • para
    • Created platform-independent Phat4X media manager
  • VorTechS
    • Created the Windows PhatHack DMS Tools to allow non-technical users to apply the hack, repair the DMS and perform firmware updates for both original, and hacked DMS'
    • Created PhatHack Media Manager (replacement Windows media manager)