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  1. Obtain Futuredial LG5350 Cable USB->Serial cable that uses TTL levels rather than RS232 levels such as which I got for $10 from Radio Shack*
  2. Chop off the end that connects to the phone (NOT the USB end)
  3. Connect the wires to JP8 on the CX910 Board or JP4 on the C710 Board as follows
    1. Yellow (RX) to Pin 5 (TX)
    2. Blue (TX) to Pin 7 (RX)
    3. Brown (DCD) to Pin 9 (DCD)
    4. Orange (CTS) to Pin 13 (CTS)
    5. Shield (GND) to Pin 14 (GND)
  4. Plug the USB Cable into your computer and start a shell on the serial port

To start the shell, you can get my working busybox from then use the following to start it on the serial port. See HOWTO: Run Unsigned Code

(If you are using windows you'll need to install the serial port drivers for the USB device.. found )

/dos/busybox mv /bin/busybox /bin/busybox-old
/dos/busybox ln -s /dos/busybox /bin/busybox
/bin/busybox --install -s
(sh < /dev/ttyS0 > /dev/ttyS0 2> /dev/ttyS0 &)
  • This cable needs to have a "bulge" in the middle of it. Radio Shack sells all sorts of Futuredial cables. The cable tested here is described as "LG 1010, 5350, VX1 and VX10" and has product number 170-0783 (above the UPC on the back).

My Installation

NOTE: I had to cut the plastic on the cover to access my DB9 connector, you may want to try putting it vertically on the side away from the RCA plugs

  1. Obtain:
    1. Male DB9 Serial Connector
    2. Female DB9 Serial Connector
    3. D-Sub hood
    4. Some solid (not stranded) CAT5 cable
    5. Soldering iron
    6. Solder
  2. Solder the wires from your USB->Serial cable to the male DB9, and mount it in the D-Sub Hood (I used male so nobody will get confused and try to use it for normal serial)
  3. Strip both ends of the CAT5 cable, and chop off all the white/color wires.
  4. Strip the solid color wires
  5. Solder one end of the CAT5 cable to the Female DB9
  6. Cut hole in PhatBox case, run the wire through hole and connect to JP4/JP8
  7. Solder the Female DB9 onto case, or screw on

My Pinout

Phatbox Side

JP4 Pinout:


JP4/JP8 -> CAT5

  • Pin5 (TX) -> Green
  • Pin7 (RX) -> Blue
  • Pin9 (DCD) -> Brown
  • Pin13 (CTS) -> Orange
  • Pin14 (GND) -> Orange/White

CAT5 -> Female DB9

  • Blue -> Pin1
  • Green -> Pin4
  • Orange/White -> Pin6
  • Brown -> Pin8
  • Orange -> Pin9

USB/Serial Cable Side

USB Cable -> Male DB9

  • Blue (TX) -> Pin1
  • Green (DTR) -> Pin2
  • Purple (RTS) -> Pin3
  • Yellow (RX) -> Pin4
  • Red (RI) -> Pin5
  • Shield (Ground) -> Pin6
  • Empty Pad (DSR) -> Pin7 (This wire does not exist)
  • Brown (DCD) -> Pin8
  • Orange (CTS) -> Pin9


Ser-cable-2.jpg Ser-cable-3.jpg Ser-cable-4.jpg

Connection info 115Kbps, 8n1 (flowcontrol?)