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PhatNoise made available the Kenwood PhatBox and rebranded and sold it through Kenwoods dealer channles as the MusicKeg. The MusicKeg is no longer available except for on Ebay. But, it is possible to use almost any PhatBox with most Kenwood radios that feature changer connection.

You will need the KHD-PA1 cable to connect a PhatBox to the Kenwood radio. You will need to select the Kenwood firmware for the list of firmwares in the PhatNoise Music Manager. It is very important to select the Kenwood firmware as the new firmware before putting the DMS in a PhatBox that is connected to a Kenwood radio. If you do not update it first, you could ruin the Kenwood radio, the PhatBox, or both. The firmware takes a couple of minutes to update the PhatBox. When the light stops blinking, you can turn on the Kenwood radio and you should be able to access your PhatBox as HHD-EXT or CD-CH.

In its standard usage, the Kenwood setup uses playlists exclusively. Any grouping of music MUST be predefined in a playlist. In order to use dynamic navigation (i.e. voice navigation by Artist, Album or Genre), you need to purchase the Voice Index On Tap (VIOT) plugin from PhatNoise. Some editions of the Kenwood Music Keg (specifically, the eXcelon 910 version) were VIOT enabled for free.