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If you've downloaded or compiled the Phat4X binary you should be able to run it without problems.

When you start Phat4X for the first time you need to setup a few things found on the "Tools" tab: (all given paths without a trailing "/")

  • Local Audio directory:for now set this to your PHTDATA mountpoint (see below)
  • Mountpoint PHTSYS:set this to your PHTSYS mountpoint
  • Mountpoint PHTDTA:set this to your PHTDTA mountpoint
  • Location of "plsign":set this to the location of "plsign" (including the full path if not placed in /usr/local/bin or the like)

Now you're ready to go!

At the moment Phat4X DOES NOT synchronize your audio files and is capable of handling MP3s only. This means OGG, FLAC or AUDIBLE files are not supported but are subject to be added later. Furthermore YOU have to keep the audio files on the DMS in sync as for the time being Phat4X only indexes them and stores the appropriate database files on the DMS. At this early stage Phat4X is not capable of loading any exiting DMS configuration unfortunaly. Due to this you've to build the databases from scratch each time you want to change something. Be sure that this is one of the next things to be done!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the "Browser" tab and click on refresh to see the current list of MP3s found on your DMS.
  • Select them from the sources tree and click on the right arrow to add them to your selection.
  • If you like you can force selected folders/files not to be added to certain databases. Just deselect them.
  • Hit "Add to library" to start indexing. Please be patient as this may take a while...
  • Go to the "Library" tab to browse through the different databases. (Please note that there's currently no way of affecting the sort order of the databases)
  • To test the text-to-speech engine you just need to select a database item and hit "Say ID3 tag".
  • If you want to create a playlist select the wanted database items and click "Add item". (Please sort (automatically by header or manually) the playlist items BEFORE you hit "Apply changes" as that can't currently be changed afterwards.)
  • You can rename or delete an existing playlist by using the context menu of the collection list.
  • When you're done click "Save to DMS". Please be patient as this may take a while...
  • Go to the "Tools" tab if want the SSA audio files to be created. (Regular expressions for filtering are not yet implemented)
  • Select the wanted categories and click on "Create selected SSA files" to create them. Please be patient as this may take a while...

That's it! As you see there're a number of open tasks but be sure to see them done in the near future! If you find bugs, have improvements to share, want to join the development team then let us know.