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Purchasing VIOT for non Kenwood boxes.

This workaround if for people who have purchased non Music Keg boxes, converted them to Kegs by changing the firmware and wish to use the VIOT plugin with them. VIOT will normally only install on genuine Kegs, and not on other models converted to Kegs.

Due to the fact that it was only tested on one box and that some of the installation code is executed from Phatnoise's site and can be changed by them at any time, you use this workaround at your own risk. You may end up purchasing the plugin and be unable to install it.

  1. Purchase a VIOT installation key from Phatnoise first.
  2. Back up box_id_log.txt and box_id.mru.txt files found on your DMS in PHTSYS:\.
  3. Edit the original box_id_log.txt and box_id.mru.txt files changing the line "Lot Code: 0x3102" to "Lot Code: 0x2201".
  4. Install the plugin normally.
  5. After the installation is complete replace the edited .txt files with the backups.

Your lot code may differ than the one above (Audi), but the replacement you put in should be 2201 - the Kenwood code.

This procedure worked on my Audi box after I converted it to a Kenwood Music Keg KHD-C710. I obtained the 2201 code from my genuine KHD-C710. This code may not work for KHD-CX910 boxes. If someone can confirm that it does work, or make it work correctly, please update this page. (KHD-CX910 box uses Lot Code: 0x010c)

Enabling SSA without VIOT

If you have used the Hack CD to create a custom DMS and are adding SSA to that DMS, only perform steps 4 and 5

  1. Install the Cross Compiler (
  2. Compile the Aadec Utility (
  3. Sign the Aadec Utility using (
  4. Download the Kenwwod Custom SSA zip file and extract it to PHATSYS:\
  5. Remove PHATSYS\Plugins\plugins.dat if it exists
  6. Replace PHATSYS\aadec and PHATSYS\aadec.sig with the new files (I'd reccomend a backup in case something doesn't work)