DMS drive swap

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This is a picture howto for opening your DMS to swap the drives out. There are some required steps prior to this noted in, so check there first.

This is a photo of a DMS cart:

Flip the DMS over and you should see four screws in the back side. A regular phillips head screwdriver will work to remove the screws. Take them out and keep them in a near by pile.

Once the screws are out, the back of the DMS should pull right off with ease. You'll see the drive with the rubber surrounds and the interface adaptor to mate with the cradle and the phatbox. There is a wide U shaped peice of metal and a larger plastic peice under that which is the eject mechanism for the DMS.

Take the U shaped metal peice and the large plastic peice under it and set them in the back part of the DMS we unscrewed. You should see in this photo that the U shaped metal peice fits in two dents on the back of the DMS.

Once the parts are in the back side of the DMS properly this is what it should look like.

Here is the drive set aside.

This portion of the drive is the adaptor for the cradle and the phatbox. Remove this peice carefully. You do not want to damage the pins of this drive. Notice how the PCB (green board portion) is oriented toward the PCB side of the drive. Also remove the rubber surrounds. Test fit the rubber to the new drive. In many cases this will not fit squarely and may require cutting. There are little guides built into the DMS plastic case that the drive with the rubber must fit securly into. try placing the drive into these slots and make sure the rubber does not bind or bunch up. If it does you may need to get a knife and cut them somewhat. Pay attention to the orientation of the drive to the rubber to make sure you dont have it on upside down before cutting it though. removing these rubber surrounds will cause the drive to not fit firmly in the DMS and rattle around potentially damaging the drive during operation in the car.

Get your new large drive and place this adaptor on the new drive in a similar way. Also make sure there are no jumpers on the 4 pins that are not connected to this adaptor as they will cause the new drive to fail to work with the phatbox.

Is a photo of everything taken apart.

Put the drive back in the front of the DMS (the standoffs at the base should just barely touch the two screw holes in the Adaptor peice. make sure its not in upside down before trying to close the DMS and make sure the rubber fits in correctly or it will pinch and not seal up right or crush the drive. Put the screws back in and give it a whirl.

See for more info on using your new larger drive!