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Please do not use this method as the Hack and Repair CD is no longer available. Please see,981.0.html for the new ways of hacking your DMS.

RobM and I have slaved over this for almost 24 hours... And now we bring you:

A bootable CD ISO image 1.8Mb [mirror]

A bootable Floppy image 1.44Mb [mirror] (Created with WinImage 7.0)

A full motion DIVX 5 video of the cd in action! (1 Mb) [mirror]

Some information before we get this started about potential error creating issues.

Freespace:  You need a few megs of freespace (5 or less) 
on both phtsys and phtdta partitions or this will fail to work.

Folder names.. Check the PHTDTA drive for a folder name "Profiles" .. 
it HAS to have the P in uppercase.  There should be a subfolder of "Profiles" called "Default"... 
If your folders do not have P or D but are p or d .. 
just rename them and change the first letter to uppercase.
If you have anything other than Default we have a problem.  
Open up the PHTDTA\Profiles\profiles.ini file.  
find this entry:
change it to look like this:
Save the file.. then rename whatever SOMETHINGXXX folder was to Default.  
Now you can start the process with the CD / Floppy.

Lastly we have some screenshots for those who like slower moving points of data for a How-To...

Okay, heres what you do to make use of our bootable disc/k images...

Get your Phatnoise / Kenwood provided KNOWN WORKING DMS. Don't plug it into the cradle yet unless the music on it is not on your PC. If that is the case I suggest copying your audio before starting this process.

Once you have the DMS on hand.. and have downloaded either the Floppy image or the CD iso and made your disk (if you need to know how to do this please post a new thread or search google.) Reboot your computer with the DMS not in the cradle. Boot off the new CD/Floppy.

You should see a screen like this:

A lot of text will scroll by.. don't sweat the small stuff folks. Give it a bit (for floppy users up to 10 minutes) to boot all the way up. When you see this screen you are ready to move on:

Plug in your DMS to the cradle now. not before now.. not after.. do it now. Once it is plugged in you should with in 2 minutes see similar green messages (not verbatim but similar) show up on the screen... Do not hit any keys on the PC until this happens.

Like this:

Okay, now you are ready to move on.. Hit the Alt key and the F2 key to change to the DMS Hack screen. You should now see this:

Now we need to verify that you put in a good DMS and we'll backup the DMS before we start making changes to it for the hack to work. Hit enter to start the process:

You'll see these messages scroll by:

More messages:

Now we are ready to move onto phase 2. This phase will copy over the files needed to execute the hack / flash patch on the phatbox.

Hit enter to start the next phase:


At this point you should remove your DMS from the cradle. DO NOT type anything into the computer. If you are not ready to swap your drive out for a new one, just turn off the PC at this point. If you are trying to swap the hard drive out for a larger one, DO NOT REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER YET!!! You should see the screen shot below on your PC...

Put the DMS into your phatbox or keg. You should hear a message say you have completed the patch process when its done. (I havent tested this, so dont count on it.) Let the system play its startup sound and change to playlist 2 (disc two on your head unit.) at this point the patch is complete or should be. Turn off your stereo and remove the DMS.


Take the DMS apart and preform your drive swap.

Place the new larger drive in the DMS, close it up, and plug the new improved DMS into the cradle.

You will need to wait for the same messages you saw on the second screenshot (the USB messages listed in shot 2). These messages will appear again when you plug in the new drive. Once they have shown up THEN you can move on to the next step

Type YES and hit enter:

Now we write out the data we backed up off the old DMS:

<<Warning: This step is where whatever is on the hard disk in the DMS cart you plugged into the cradle gets TOTALLY ERASED. If this is a drive you had from a laptop or something it will be ERASED FOR EVER.>> Now we parition the new drive:

Once the partition and format steps are complete it is time to copy the files we saved from the phtsys (your plugins etc) on the old DMS to the new shiny large DMS... Hit Enter to continue:

Ooooh, Copying, how fun! Just give it time:

Alrighty, its Done! now you can power off your computer, take the CD or Floppy out of the drive, boot into your favorite OS and copy your music back onto your new DMS. Enjoy!

If you have issues with the copy process (before the DMS swap portion) 
You can hit Alt+F4 and get to a commad prompt window.  
hit enter and type: 
This will start the process over again.  
This is safe to do if its is BEFORE you type YES to start the new DMS.

if you started the new DMS and it failed for some reason the process for recovery is more complicated.  
If you are highly technical you can contact us for more details on what scripts to run etc 
and where the data is stored to move on with things.. 
OR just start over with the OLD DMS and reboot the system to begin again.