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- id3lib (library)
- festival (binaries and/or library)
- plsign (currently offline - see this thread)


  • Download the Qt 3.x framework from and install it
  • Download the latest CVS snapshot file release or check out the Phat4X sourcetree (module "main") directly from CVS
  • Open in Qt-Designer
  • Open "Project > Project Settings... > C++"
  • Adjust "Includepath" to "QTDIR=<YOUR_QT3_DIR>"
  • Run "qmake" in your Phat4X source directory once.
  • Run "make" in your Phat4X source directory everytime it's needed!

    If you intend to use festival as a library you need to adjust for yourself and add the required include-paths and libraries for your distribution-specific installation.